Sunday, April 17, 2011

aint he sweet??

My little pal. Best dog in the world!

This is harlie. We adopted him about a two years ago and he stole my heart from the very beginning. Im not fond of his name, but I had to keep it because he knew it so well. He was about a year old when we got him. The previous owners loved him, but could no longer keep him. Im sure it was hard to give him up, but he's perfectly happy with us. He follows me wherever I go. He's the best dog anyone could ask for. He doesnt chew, he does not 'go' in the house, he loves to ride in the car and the boat, he loves going to grandma and grandpa's house, he listens when I call him (all I have to do is say 'treat!' and he comes running!) He loves his cookies! And best of all, he loves me!

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