Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Santos Doll

Its been awhile since my last blog, been busy busy. I had no idea my etsy shop would be so busy for Valentines Day!! So needless to say, Ive been working away. On Sunday, I was cleaning out a closet full of junk {good junk!} and I stumbled upon this Santos doll that I had tucked away in a box for "one day". A few months ago while browsing at a local market, she caught my eye and came home with me. Because I loved her so much, she ended up tucked away in my closet so she wouldnt get broken. I didnt have the perfect spot to display her. So back in the 'safe box' she went. Im not sure if I will ever find the perfect spot, so I thought perhaps one of my lovely readers could enjoy her! So, sadly, Im parting with her....

Now to the details!
She's very sturdy, and has a lovely face. She measures 21 inches tall. The base at the very bottom measures 6 1/2 inches across. Her bodess is 9 inches tall. Her dress is a muted creamy gray with black dots. She has 4 hooks, looks like for jewelry, or display of some sort. She's kindof aged looking, although Im pretty sure she's new, but very cool and unique!! I think she would be great as a display piece in a store if you make/sell jewelry.

How about I do an auction....highest bidder gets her! Email your bid at funkyshique@yahoo.com. Be sure to add "My bid" in the subject box! I will end the auction on Valentines Day! The highest bidder will be billed thru paypal, with free shipping!! She will be mailed out to the winner immediately! Good luck!!

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